ESTP & DMSkills Mechanism

In the age of distortion Ehsaas Skills Training Program is out there as the ultimate solutions for all categories and classes. We are active to work for the prosperity of Pakistan. Yet Economical instability and inflation lead us to take step ahead. So, if you are the prospect, without hasitation join ESTP. After the success of 3 batches regarding Free SEO, Blogging & Content Writing here we are with ESTP Batch 4 by the grace of Allah. In this course we make students learn all three courses in a single closed group. But we need a perfect ratio of the students to share the project under the supervision of the mentors. 

Students submit assignment and the team of expert reviews until the beginner’s assignments becomes the professional projects. For that we need dedicated students who add little value to support the great objective of help for the Prosperity of Pakistan. Learn all three courses or polish only one skill that’s all up to you. Due to large strength we select the students with high potential. For that we set the perfect setup of measurement & assessment your interest. At first step students have to watch playlist of SEO, Blogging and Content Writing theories. We test the aptitude of the student and keep them in 2 categories in the same group.
Note: Submit Form A for SEO & Blogging, Form B for Content Writing and Form C for Premium Course of SEO, Blogging, Content Writing and many more. 

• Form A: ESTP Batch 4 for SEO & Blogging:

Fill the form and be the part of ESTP Batch 4 for Free Learning in the disciplines of SEO, Blogging & Content writing. But SEO & Blogging assignments are compulsory. Writing assignments are optional. For guidelines watch playlist.


• Form B: ESTP Batch 4 for Writers:

Fill the form and be the part of ESTP Batch 4 for Free Learning in the disciplines of SEO, Blogging & Content writing. But Writing assignments are compulsory. SEO & Blogging assignments are optional. For guidelines watch playlist.

Last Date of Form Submission is 15th May 2023.
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Last but not Least… Form C in Row
Not willing to follow the hectic procedure of learning? Like assignments submission, project completion hassle and test qualification. Or you have no time to watch all videos in a row. But still you are ambitious to learn. Here is the team of expert at your service. Join DMSkills Powered by ESTP effortlessly.
You are not dreaming!
For adding value in your life we are at your service. Without watching any video and qualifying any test get the confirm entry in the extra ordinary classes. And we will make you learn from the scratch. As compare to the ESTP you will avail more PRO tips and extra classes.

• Form C: DMSkills Batch 4 Paid Course:

So, without any delay fill the Form C, submit fee and be the confirmed candidate of that Premium course at reasonable fee. Pay only 5000 pkr for the 100 % qualification in the course. Invest little on yourself to learn, earn and grow.
Best of Luck!